Spindles, 11L, 7/8”W, 3/8”TD, 1”TL

Spindles: Northern Hardwood 11L, 7/8”W, 3/8”TD, 1”TL Width (W) is the size as measured across the width at the widest part. Length (L) is the size as measured from end to end. Tenon Diameter (TD) is the diameter to be fitted in the hole. Tenon Length (TL) is the length of the tenon. Sizes are nominal as per commercial wood turning tolerances to shrinkage and expansion. CAUTION!!! Do NOT drill tenon holes until you have all your parts.

3 Pck.
MODEL: 61492
15 Pck.
MODEL: 61493
50 Pck.
MODEL: 61494
100 Pck.
MODEL: 61495
500 Pck.
MODEL: 90043